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About us

Partnering with you to build a strong financial future

At Summit Wealth Group, we respect that everyone’s definition of success is different. That’s why we take the time to really get to know you and uncover what’s important to you.

Wealth management is undoubtedly about financial outcomes, but we believe the people and relationships behind your wealth management plan are vital to achieving great results.

We’ll work alongside you to create a personal wealth management strategy that helps you get to where you want to be. Once we’ve agreed your plan, we’ll check in regularly to keep you on track and ensure your wealth management strategy is always current.   

We pride ourselves on having frank and fearless conversations and offering honest feedback – even when this might lead to uncomfortable conversations. By establishing a partnership based on integrity and trust, we can work together to help you live the life you aspire to – both now and into the future.

Meet the team

Our approach

Tailored wealth management planning

We’ve designed our process to ensure you’re actively engaged with your wealth management strategy. It’s your money and your future - we want you to work alongside us, having regular conversations so your plan continues to reflect evolving personal and financial priorities.

Getting started

First up, it’s important to understand if we’re the right fit for each other. Our vision is to work with you for many years to come – so we want to confirm that our services, style and ways of working reflect what you need. Likewise, it’s crucial that you feel we’re a team you’d be comfortable partnering with into the future. 

This conversation will be a brief, fairly informal chat where we’ll learn about you, run you through our Financial Services Guide (FSG), and provide a high-level overview of Summit Wealth Group.   

Moving ahead

If everyone’s happy to move ahead, we’ll begin our formal process, starting with a comprehensive discovery meeting.  

1. Discovery

This is an opportunity for us to build a detailed understanding of your current financial situation and your plans for the future. We’ll explore what’s important to you and how you’d like to work together, agree on the areas we’ll support you with, and provide an estimate of the costs involved.    

2. Engagement

We’ll provide you with an engagement letter that outlines the scope of services we’ve agreed, our terms and conditions, and the advice fees payable.

3. Wealth management planning

We’ll create a personal financial statement that lists your assets, liabilities and net worth. This document will form the foundation of our wealth management planning meeting, which is a collaborative discussion where we’ll flesh out your goals and definition of success.

We’ll drill down on aspects including:

    1.  Strategy and tax structures
    2.  Investment solutions
    3.  Risk management
    4.  Estate and legacy planning 

The outcome of this meeting is a thorough personal wealth management strategy that details what’s been agreed and the actions we’ll take to ensure you have a solid future plan that also lets you enjoy the present.

4. Statement of advice and implementation

Once you've signed off on your wealth management strategy, we'll send you a Statement of Advice (SoA) to review before our implementation meeting. This meeting is an opportunity for us to discuss each action and answer any questions you might have before we execute your plan because, as we say - when it's in writing, there's no fighting.

Once the SoA is signed, we'll schedule implementation. Of course, we're there for you at every step of the process if you have any questions of concerns.

5. Ongoing planning

Creating wealth requires a long-term focus. Sound long-term wealth management is rarely delivered in one meeting or transaction – even if you’re in a strong financial position today, without the right plan in place to protect and grow this wealth, you’re unlikely to make the most of it.  

To ensure your wealth management strategy is always current, we schedule ongoing meetings – usually quarterly, every six months, or annually, depending on your needs. These meetings allow us to update your financial roadmap and adjust our advice if your circumstances have changed.