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Tailored wealth management strategies to protect and grow your wealth

We want you to feel confident about the future, backed by a wealth management strategy that helps you get to where you want to be. Your personalised plan will empower you to make smart financial decisions throughout your wealth creation journey.  

At Summit Wealth Group, financial modelling is a cornerstone of our approach. We track the performance of your wealth management plan regularly to obtain valuable insights about your progress toward your goals. When updating your plan to reflect changing market conditions, tax and super rules, we’ll run different scenarios through our advanced financial models, giving you total visibility of the impact of these changes. 

Our focus is on making you feel informed and in control every step of the way.

Strategy and tax structures

A comprehensive and current tax strategy is a key tool for wealth creation. Taxes impact all areas of your personal finances – from income and superannuation to property and loans.  

We’ll show you how to use tax-effective strategies and structures to keep more of your wealth and reduce the amount of tax you pay. And we’ll review them regularly to ensure that they continue to reflect your current reality and desired future. We’ll work with you to:

   •  Understand your income, expenses and cash flow
   •  Review your banking and lending structure
   •  Determine the optimal entities and tax structures for you and your family

Investment solutions

We take a long-term view to create a comprehensive investment strategy that’s unique to you and reflects your risk profile and return requirements. We pay special attention to ensuring your portfolio is robust enough to withstand market volatility while still delivering the returns you anticipate. We’ll work with you to:

   •   Understand your return requirements and the optimal asset allocation to manage risk
   •   Explore any investment limitations and restraints
   •   Develop a personalised investment strategy and portfolio solution
   •   Take a disciplined approach to rebalancing your portfolio where required

Risk management

Having a plan to protect your wealth is just as important as having a plan to grow it.

Unexpected events like illness, injury or early retirement can put your financial future at risk without a strategy in place. We’ll work with you to build a plan that protects your income, assets and lifestyle in the event of an unforeseen change of circumstances and considers:

   •   Longevity risk (the risk of living too long)
   •   Mortality risk (the risk of dying too soon)
   •   The risk of living with a costly illness

Estate and legacy planning

While estate planning can be uncomfortable, taking a proactive approach will ensure your estate is handled as you’d intended.  

We understand that family relationships can be complex and estate and legacy planning is often stressful and emotionally challenging. We’ll work sensitively to develop a strong understanding of your family situation and engage specialist estate planning advisers to create a comprehensive estate plan that considers:

    •   Wealth transfer issues in estate planning (including non-estate assets like superannuation)
    •   Powers of Attorney and Guardianship
    •   Business succession planning (as required)

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